Testosterone undecanoate (Andriol): properties, dosages, applications

Date: January 28th, 2020

Testosterone undecanoate (Andriol): properties, dosages, applications

Testosterone-containing drugs have similar properties. In sports, injectable steroids based on the male hormone are most popular. However, pharmaceutical preparations are available in two tablet forms - Methyltestosterone and Testosterone Undecanoate. Note that the second ether can be in the form of injections. The main effect on the body of AAS in injections. However, the stabilizing androgen-type receptors of both drugs are approximately the same.

Characteristics of Testosterone Undecanoate

Production does not go through an alkylation procedure. Thus, testosterone is not harmful to the liver. In order to protect the active substance from destruction during passage through the digestive system, a very interesting mechanism was developed for teachers.

Andriol is available in capsule form, which contains the oily solution of the male hormone ester. In addition to this ether side chain, Undecanoate is significantly different from other ether compounds. All this in theory should be reliable to protect the active substance of the steroid from destruction in the liver. Andriol's bioavailability index was below average. This anabolic can be quite effective for athletes 30, provided that they have not previously used steroids.

Also, the disadvantages of Andriol include its cost. That is, the price of it is quite high. The half-life of the active substance of the anabolic is from 3 to 5 hours. It all depends on the tasks. Testosterone can be used in both short and long courses.

It should also be said that under the brand name Nebido. Its properties are similar to the popular Enanthate. The cost of Testosterone Undecanoate in injections is also quite high, and injections are painful. That is why it is rarely used by athletes.

Features of the use of Testosterone Undecanoate in sports

As we said above, as a beginner bodybuilder, have not previously used the farm, you can start with Andriol. With this medication, you will notice that muscle growth will be minimal. This is the only testosterone containing a drug that can be used in the body to protect muscles from destruction. However, it should be remembered that it is inferior to propic in anti-catabolic activity.

Testosterone Undecanoate practically does not suppress the pituitary arc. Once in the know, prolonged AAS will not be included. can also be used to build bridges on perpetual steroids. This medicine can perfectly enhance sexual desire.

The daily dosage of Andriol is 240-480 mg. Moreover, it must be divided into 3-4 doses. Tableted Testosterone Undecanoate can be recommended for athletes. This is the only steroid based on the male hormone that can be considered relatively safe for the female body. The daily dosage (160-240 mg) should be divided into two doses.

You can use testosterone in combination with other anabolics. He is one of the safest steroids, and he stands with Primobolan or Boldenone. the weekly dosage of the first AAS is 400-500 mg, and the second is 500-600 mg. If you want to use this drug solo. To increase the effectiveness of its use, you can add a fat burner.

Andriol has a high degree of security. Thus, the only drawback of this drug is its cost.