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Etilaam MD 0.5 mg
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Etizolam is an anti-anxiety medicine chemically-related to the class of medicines called benzodiazepines. It is known for trade names such as Etilaam MD 0.5 mg (100 pills), Etizola, Etizest, Pasaden, Depas, and Sedekopan.

Just like benzodiazepines, Etizolam is used for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia among other uses. The common administration is orally and sublingually, which are found to be the most efficient routes.

Properties, Appearance, and Composition

Etilaam MD 0.5 mg (100 pills)As mentioned before, Etizolam is similar to benzodiazepine medicines. Thus they also have parallel composition and effects. This medicine’s active ingredient is Etizolam with the chemical composition of:


The difference between benzodiazepine and Etizolam is the latter has thiophene ring bonded to a seven-membered 1, 4-diazepine ring instead of a benzene ring.

It also contains a bonded triazolo ring and a 2-chlorophenyl ring attached to the 4-position. On the other hand, in its thienodiazepine ring structure is an ethyl group attached to the 2-position.

The molecular formula of the Etizolam is C17H15ClN4S while its molecular weight is 342.8 grams per molecule. Upon consumption, the liver metabolizes the substance and excretes it through the kidneys.

An average Etizolam has a half-life of six hours with 93 percent bioavailability. The most common form of Etizolam is the pill – small, blue, and round with a line down its middle. It’s also available in powder or liquid.

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